Welcome to the web page of MEDISHTIT CONTROL Ltd.

In our pursuit of being to the maximum assistance to our clients, we have formed a new team of 5 engineers, each one of who has got extensive experience in Occupational Health and Safety and the required qualifications to carry out measurement of work environment factors. The Type C supervision body works in compliance with BDS EN/IEC 17020.

We are on hand to help our clients in making flexible and adequate decisions which would bring the desired economic effect.

Today’s managers work in the conditions of pressure and stress and our service has taken on the task to help them focus on resolving their most important problems and leave safety and healthy work conditions in the hands of professionals like ourselves. We guarantee our clients will find accuracy, integrity and professionalism under the same roof.



Stara Zagora
Knias Alexander Batenberg Str. 28
 SCSZ office 32 & 33
Tel./fax: +359 (42) 60 22 09; GSM: +359 (886) 90 90 20

e-mail: stm@medishtit.com

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